Dear all,

Please bear with me, this will be my first post for Pure M and I fully expect it to be atrocious. I have rather been thrown into the deep end by our lovely Editor, I am more familiar with electronic music, however I will attempt to provide a clear and distinct outline of Miss Rhodes’ work. Perhaps viewing the whole experience as a baptism of fire of sorts would be the best course of action in my current situation.

Jessica is an accomplished singer and pianist (It is always rather risky writing that word on the off chance that the unfortunate type-o will slip in). She has been rather prolific this year, enchanting audiences with her band both at home and abroad. She has recently supported Ocean Colour Scene, Labrinth and Iggy Azalea and will be opening for Maroon 5 at LG Forum Birmingham on the 31st of May. Her much anticipated EP is set to be released in March and I urge you all not only to give it a listen but to also rush to the shops to buy numerous copies.

I was lucky enough to have a listen to an advance copy of the EP and was pleasantly surprised.

The first ‘Eyes On the Streets’ is a lovely upbeat little number, it even had me tapping my feet in spite of being absolutely soaked to the skin on the bus to Dublin. It looses its initial happy go luck character somewhat over the course of the composition which is not necessarily a negative point. The vocals however, remain impressive and invoke memories of half-remembered Tracy Chapman lyrics.

‘Addicted Hand’ presents a funkier feel, Jessica’s lyrics are, once again, the primary focus of the track. Although here perhaps less may have been more, allowing the the groove developed by the band to shine with the vocals enhancing, rather than dominating proceedings.

In ‘Somebody to Blame’ Jessica returns to more soulful territory, which I suspect is where her talents truly lie. It certainly has crossover appeal and is a beautiful uplifting track performed with real emotion, which is a welcome relief from the rubbish we are so often subjected to on a daily basis.

My favorite tune is a live recording of a Sweet Dreams/Seven Nation Army mash up available on youtube. It certainly hits the funky upbeat buzz, and I did nearly seriously injure myself having a little dance to it in my front room. I don’t really think it needs any higher praise than that.

I urge you to check out Jessica Rhodes, even if, like myself, its not really your usual cup of tea, I challenge you not to be pleasantly surprised, and the Seven Nation/Sweet Dreams mash-up will bring a smile to your face unless you are a carrot or a robot.