SpudGun are a celestial quintet based in Dublin that play their own unique mix of rock, jazz and psychedelia, as well as having a story driven live show featuring an extended lineup that incorporates keyboards, violin and brass instruments. Their captivating performances have seen them play packed out shows across Dublin as well as several festivals over the summer including Knockanstockan, Longitude and Electric Picnic. Having built up a considerable buzz, they recently shared their debut release “We Share This Space” earlier last month.

The first track is “Sandpaperteeth”, which kicks off with a crunchy bassline and some energetic drumming. The whole thing has a very manic feel to it, although it’s kept under control by the bands tight groove. Clocking in at just over two minutes, it smoothly segues into the second track, “We Share This Space”, which is a much more chilled out number featuring some delightfully jazzy sax and keys. Despite the tracks six-minute length, the band manage to avoid meandering aimlessly, which can easily happen with this type of song. The highlight of the tune comes in the form of a saxophone solo in the second half of the tune which gives way to the outro section.

Having seen the band live, I would’ve liked to see them incorporate more elements of their live show into their studio recordings (such as the spoken word sections and their great sense of humour), but they’ve definitely managed to showcase what they do musically; within ten minutes the band take their listeners from punk inspired franticness to psychedelic space rock, showing off their eclectic range of influences. These two songs are definitely worth a listen and if you enjoy them seeing their live show is  a must.

SpudGun - We Share This Space
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