Once upon a time there was a band named Life With Nixon. Its members, Ali and Kenny Mathieson, David Mack and Billy Nisbet, enjoyed a good half decade of playing together. During that time, they managed to create two EPs and put on more shows than even they can probably remember. However, as is the case in life, all good things must come to an end and for this quartet that time came in August of 1998. After one final set at Sleazy’s of Glasgow, Life With Nixon were no more.

Sometimes though, endings can just mean new beginnings and rebirth and as fate would have it, this turned out to be the conclusion of but a single chapter in the saga of these four friends from Scotland. Despite scattering around the world and pursuing various career paths, seventeen years later, with Ali’s former college roommate Andy Jeffries joining them, they have returned as alt-country/Americana ensemble St. Christopher Medal.

Being spread between their homeland, England, New York and Perth for jobs in teaching, DJ-ing and music doesn’t make collaboration and gigging easy, but these old comrades are a determined bunch. Managing to record an album in just six days, they’ve been doing plenty to promote its upcoming release, with one single already under their belts. Next on the agenda is its follow-up, “From a Zafira Comfort”, which is due to drop on June 29th.

The track pounds into a vigorous verse loaded with upbeat vocals and enthusiastic instrumentation. Moving at a very fast pace from the get-go, no time is wasted in building up the momentum to race furiously forward. It rests easy on the ears as it does so, despite its busy and bustling nature.

A minor reprieve is reached in the middle, where the melody takes a moment to increase the emotion and expression while the music becomes more affecting. It’s not long though before things burst back to loud levels, putting a vigorous cap on the proceedings. The short but sweet two minute run time flies by due to the amazing amount of life and vitality prevalent throughout. It’s a wonderfully rousing piece whose sunny disposition makes for a lively listen.

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