By Shauna Golden

Created in the hot Texas heat and released just in time for us to enjoy this summer comes Star Parks’ debut album ‘Don’t Dwell’, full of feel good anthems and intricate melodies that were created almost by accident, as Andy Bianculli’s side project came to life in a brilliant way. The quintet formed on the back of the success of Bianculli’s last venture ‘The Preservation’ and have since gone from strength to strength, penning nine tracks for this album that are upbeat and adventurous, with all of them being a fine addition to any summer soundtrack.

Their sound is authentic and original and captures the imagination which takes you to a place that is warm and sunny and fills you with good vibes, while also addressing issues of heartbreak and loneliness that the listeners can relate to. The album which was released back on May 13th, includes soft vocals complimented by distorted guitars and catchy beats that are sure to attract a variety of listeners who enjoy the indie genre in it’s greatest form.

The album starts off with the dream pop sounding ‘Hymn For The Hopeless’, which features a contorted sounding guitar mixed with delicate vocals and stunning harmonies that wrap this song up nicely and take you into fantasy world where you can almost smell the summer breeze as you start to feel that although things may not be perfect, songs like these can transport you to a place where we can feel a little better about our worries and makes us think of the wonders that our lives can present us with. We can then appreciate ‘Loose Ends’, a beautiful piano based piece that shows off Bianculli’s exquisite tone and allows us to continue on our journey that enables us to ‘plan our escape’ from the realities of our hectic day to day lives.

A high point in the album is the sure to be future hit ‘Theoretical Girls’, which is melodic and dazzling and likens to a love song without leaving you with that bitter taste in your mouth. If this track was to be the first thing you heard from Star Parks you would definitely not be disappointed. The ending of the album ‘The High Hopes Of Good Fortune’, brings our journey to a triumphant close, reinforcing the feel good vibes, even though their clever lyrics again deal with real issues of love and loss that we can all relate to. If we keep on listening halfway through the track, we are treated to an additional section that wraps up the whole album nicely and shows just how talented Star Parks really are.

They may not yet be household names, but after listening to ‘Don’t Dwell’, we can expect that Star Parks are going to do tremendously well in the future. They are such an exciting prospect and their authenticity should be both celebrated and cherished as in this day and age it is very hard to come by. If you feel lonely or blue and you want to just take some time out and start again, you can take comfort in Star Parks’ lyrics and melodies and be cast into a place where reality and dreams meet and come together to create something wonderful.