For the last few weeks I’ve been searching for a summer song. You know the one: catchy, memorable lyrics with an uptempo beat that you’ll catch yourself humming along to the second chorus of the song, still not sure how it goes. I searched through Spotify’s suggested lists and trawled through the dance songs and new Mumford and Sons singles. Well, my search is over as I sat down to review Stephen Langstaff’s new single, “Sirens”.

Released for iTunes on March 23, the track charts the story of a, “girl with a bad reputation and a big heart”. This pop-ballad was written with Ali Thompson and the video was release don YouTube at the start of February. “Sirens”, shows a change in direction and tempo for Langstaff as it is not as slow and sombre as some of his tracks from his first album, “Colours”, such as “Domino”.

The song itself is a beautifully worked piece of music. A cool riff on the guitar serves as the intro and the accompaniment to the verses in the song. The Liverpudlian slows down the song just before the chorus with the appropriate lyric of the refrain, ‘Down, down, down”.

The switch from high tempo to a more relaxed speed in the verse immediately after the chorus is nice and really lets you into the mixed emotions of trying to defend a person you see the good in. The vocals from Langstaff are amazing, and the lyrics are striking and intriguing throughout.

The inclusion of strings in the unexpected crescendo directly before the last blast of the chorus completes this song for me as a wide range of emotions is coupled with an assembly of instruments not always seen together in a song.

Stephen Langstaff is currently touring around the U.K. since March with the majority of his shows going on throughout the month of April. He has appeared on LFC TV, BBC Radio 2 and other stations promoting “Sirens”. The extremely talented musician has been performing for the last several years. “Domino”, which I mentioned earlier, is a song I couldn’t leave out of this article. Go check it out on YouTube.

If anybody’s looking for me I’ll be watching the video for “Sirens”, for the 20th time.