Notes from mobile phone read as such: Still the Water is a beautiful film. Sumptuous camera work utilizing the bounty of Amami island – off the coast of Japan – in this latest feature from the always reliable Naomi Kawase…photogenic people, shimmering tides and tropical malaise…Kawase’s film progresses slowly evoking the very laid back way of life on the island and how the human element is always so intrinsically bound to the island, each a life force feeding from the other…the sea is that great beast surrounding everything, always a supplier of food and life but also a destructive force that can take everything away in a second…as always the dialogue is sparse but at valuable key moments when the words flow and emotions begin to show, the characters bloom  and these scenes become beautifully crafted exchanges full of pathos and sagely advice.

So, it’s very good then.


Still the Water
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