Dublin based band The Stoles spent the better part of last year building up a fervent following at festivals such as Le Chéile and Scrobarnach before taking a step back from the stage at the start of 2016 to immerse themselves in making material for their long-awaited inaugural album, Age of Deception. Having gotten the hype train going in July with the release of the record’s enlivening lead single, “Getaway”, the industrious trio have returned to incite even more anticipation by unleashing a brand new track entitled “Evelyn”.

It begins with a brilliantly bracing riff which makes a powerful impact as it stomps steadfastly forward. A hushed but high-pitched harmony soon ensues, giving rise to an ominous ambience while a placid but penetrating bass-line reverberates in the background. This is followed by a fantastically forceful chorus, during which the guitars erupt rousingly again alongside a salvo of expressive singing.

There’s a delightfully dark and dramatic undertone to the whole thing as it darts determinedly in the direction of another extremely atmospheric stanza. The melody remains restrained yet riveting from here through to an exhibition of exhilarating instrumentation towards the end of the effective fourth minute. This sets the scene for a final foreboding refrain ahead of a friendly fade-out.

The Stoles have assembled a superbly scintillating alt-rock song that stays exceptionally slick and stirring as it unfolds. Its calm yet charismatic execution affords it an enticingly suave and accessible sound that’s guaranteed to go down well with a wide audience. Be sure to investigate “Evelyn” for yourself when it drops for download on October 8th.

The Stoles
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