The Stoles

The Stoles: Man In The Cave Single Review

Alt-rock ensemble The Stoles first came together in April of 2012. Formed in Dublin, the band has been very active on the local live scene, having played renowned city venues such as Whelan’s and The Twisted Pepper. After releasing their debut EP in 2013, the foursome are currently working on putting out their first album.

To that end, they have released new single “Man in the Cave”. Bouncing off with a lively, exuberant riff, the merriment continues with the addition of spirited vocals. The vibe remains raucous and enthusiastic into the sing-along chorus, while the fast pace remains consistent for the track’s duration.

If that leaves you hungry for more, then the band’s aforementioned debut EP is worth checking out while you await the release of their full length record. Aptly titled Where It Started, the compilation was recorded at Dublin’s world famous Westland Studios.

“Another Road to Recognition” begins the assemblage with rigorous bass work behind ominous guitars. The vocals carry an urgency that combines with the music for a perilous sound. “Protest Song” succeeds it with a riff and beat reminiscent of old school punk. The band have cited The Clash as one of their influences and you can definitely glean that here. The dissent in the song can be felt through its disaffected tone. “Red House” follows on by carrying a severity more akin to the opening number. The persistence of its menacing instrumentation and tormented vocals make it a forcible composition. Closing track, “Shine On Me”, on the other hand, arrives with blaring drums and optimistic guitars and vocals. With its energetic momentum and passionate chorus, it bears a greater similarity to “Man in the Cave” than its three predecessors.

It would be hard to dispute that The Stoles have an admirably clear vision in mind for their music. Taking influence from some of the most enduring and ground breaking alternative acts of the last several decades, they seem to be on the way to finding their niche within the industry. Adopting a fervent approach to rock and landing somewhere between early U2 and The Killers sound wise, this Dublin based foursome are certainly doused in potential.