No musical genre had changed and evolved over the years more than Heavy Metal. Since the advent of Thrash Metal in the early 80s there have been numerous successive waves of styles including Death Metal, Nu-Metal and Emo as well as a plethora of sub-genres. As an amalgamation of all these styles Story, from Yorkshire, are a state of the art Metal band. They embrace a rich musical heritage and have produced something truly exciting. This EP is satisfying for a number of reasons. It has immense energy, powerful musicianship and lyrical depth but, above all, it has the sound of a band playing their heart out and this is its best quality. Even if you are new to Metal this EP will captivate you – its power is undeniable. And if you are a Metal fan you will agree that the future of heavy music is in safe hands if this album is anything to go by.

The production is remarkable for its clarity and flawless musicianship. The complex and intricate riffing has a precision and cleanliness which many bands will envy. The Divide exudes confidence and professionalism and is all the more impressive when you consider the band produced it themselves.

The lyrical content is interesting. The songs revolve around the concept of division, be it division from others and division within ourselves.

Of course, the album has its weaknesses. The heavy verses and melodic choruses can seem a bit formulaic and the songs lack an innovating spirit but for a debut effort it is impressive stuff. Perhaps the band need to break free from their influences and discover a sound of their own but there is enough time and talent for this to happen. Definitely one to watch.

The Divide by Story is released on Monday, 13th of April.

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