Hailing from South Yorkshire, England, Story are a 5 piece post-hardcore metal band. Their sound is reminiscent of acts such as Memphis May Fire and Young Guns. In the lead up to the release of their debut EP, “The Divide”, they have spent their time playing high profile venues such as the O2 Academy and Corporation, in their hometown of Sheffield. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of slowing down for the band either, with a touring schedule that includes dates across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Taken from the upcoming EP, “Wreck” is a stripped back acoustic track, a stark contrast from their usual sound, which is much heavier. The song features two acoustic guitars which work well together, creating ample space for both each other and the vocals. The lead vocal melody delivered with strength and confidence and is supported by pretty harmonies, giving the song a bit more depth. Lyrically, frontman Bill Hobson focuses on the mix of emotions felt after a breakdown in a relationship, quite a common theme in music. Unfortunately, the lyrics lack the depth needed to set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

All in all, while fans of the band may be used to a fuller, more aggressive sound, “Wreck” provides us with an interesting look at what the band are capable of when trying to change things up a bit. While it may not work on every level it’s impossible to condemn the group for providing a bit of variety. “The Divide” is released on April 13th.

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