Ahead of his appearance at Glastonbury this Saturday night, Paddy Power announces some betting odds for rapper Kanye West’s headline set.

We all know Kanye is an unpredictable guy, so there’s no telling what will happen when he gets on stage. Will the crowd boo him? Will he give one of his famous rants? Will he bring out a surprising guest to join him on stage?

According to Paddy Power, at 2/1 Mr West is most likely to bring out his other half, the equally divisive Kim Khardasian.

Next they reckon, at 5/2 he’ll get so pumped up by the crowd, Kanye will try out some crowd surfing. I’m sure some Glastonbury naysayers will be praying he suffers a Dave Grohl mishap, as he walks to the edge of the stage.

Joint at 5/1, Kanye plays a duet with former Glastonbury headliner Jay-Z, very possible. And that he’ll bring out his daughter, North West onstage. The Glasto attendees can’t be mean enough to boo a baby, can they?

Very interestingly at 7/1, Kanye will sing a song with Beck. After he pulled a fake Taylor Swift interruption on Beck at the Grammy’s, it would be nice to see both musicians share a stage. West already apologised for claiming Beck wasn’t a real artist, so this would definitely be a nice gesture.

Let’s not pretend this hasn’t happened before, at 7/1 Kanye will spend 30 minutes or more giving a sanctimonious speech during his set. God don’t let him to it, although since Kanye’s already stated he is God, Kanye don’t go on a rant.

Last but not least, a person who would truly deserve to share the stage with Kanye, Taylor Swift. Taylor is a 16/1 to sing with West and if anyone deserved an apology by way of duet, it’s miss Swift.

Kanye has also hit back at musicians, festival attendees and critics, who claim that the festival should be about rock and not rap music.

In March, an online petition on Change.org titled, ‘Cancel Kanye West’s headline slot and get a rock band’, had been signed by 127,700 people.

The man who started the page, Neil Lonsdale wrote: “Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world. We spend hundreds of pounds to attend glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment.”

Lonsdale’s opinion was backed by rock royalty Ronnie Woods. The Rolling Stone’s guitarist told the Mirror: “Glastonbury is the home of rock music and, look, Kanye isn’t rock. He’s a great entertainer and he knows how to captivate an audience with all his swearing, but when it comes to what that festival is about, it’s the wrong choice.”

“People who go there for rock music are starting to get very angry about all these rappers and R’n’B singers taking over.”

Never a man to bite his lip, West didn’t consider the petition an attack on his skin colour. However, Kanye told Q Magazine the petition was “an insult to music fans all over the world”.