The Straw Gods are a new addition to the Irish music scene. Hailing from Dublin and formed in 2012, the band is currently working on their debut album. With influences like Trip-Hop and Flamenco, they have a wide range of genres from Blues, Jazz, to Rock. And they’re back with their new single ‘Iron Lung’ from their second EP Carnivore, which was released in early 2016.

The Straw Gods have just released their new single ‘Iron Lung’. The five-piece deliver their own twist to the music scene with this new tune. Throughout this song, there are elements of Blues, Jazz, and Rock, showcasing darker elements to the song with a soulful tone. The feeling captures the listener and brings them on an emotional journey. In saying this, the band has created their own sound.

The song deals with the loss, separation and addiction of love. The story is about two lovers; one who’s unable to let go and the other person who finds it easy to move on. The track demands airplay with its greatness.

‘Iron Lung’ is an upbeat alternative rock song. Pia Dunne’s vocals are enchanting, Tommy Gray and Barry Rycraft gives the song a perfect rhythm, while Glenn Brady and Daniel Soro’s guitar playing provide the tune with a moody, memorizing airspace. The strong female vocals on a bluesy/rock track lets you get lost in the song. And the mix of guitar and vocals fit perfectly together.

It’s not a repetitive tune, but a great listen! ‘Iron Lung’ lays the foundation to what’s next for The Straw Gods. The band has a significant promise and are creating their own platform in the industry early on in their career. If they continue with making a unique and lasting shaping of their style, they will carry on turning into something more influential.