The trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Stronger was released last week and it looks to be a real gut-wrencher. Based on the true story of Jeff Bauman’s loss of both legs in the Boston bombings, Gyllenhaal will perform the wretched reality of this man’s situation.

Jeff and Erin are young and oblivious to the tragedy about to strike. As Erin runs the Boston Marathon, Jeff awaits in support by the finish line. However, when the bomb explodes affairs take a turn for the dark as Jeff’s recovery proves to be brutally challenging.

A strong lead performance from Gyllenhaal seems to be what will drive this film. Both the physical and the mental suffering prompted by such loss will be enough to make Stronger an emotional picture. A film which covers such anguish demands a brilliant lead. There’s few in the game better at donning such a role than Gyllenhaal.

After appearances in Nightcrawler, Demolition and Southpaw, it is clear that the Californian actor can produce. He has a tendency to fully embody the character he tackles, which has resulted in some widely appreciated performances.

Relatively unknown director David Gordon Green directs Stronger. His most famous production is Pineapple Express. A movie of a slightly different tone to what Stronger seems to be aiming for. This movie is based on the autobiography written by Bauman of the same name. He too is part of the writing team; an invaluable source to go forward with.

Considering Bauman’s involvement in production, audiences can expect a very personal account. It is a personal journey for Bauman, though his relationship with his girlfriend Erin is sure to be key. Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) plays Erin. She looks to be the mental strength for Jeff, and their relationship seems charming.

Gyllenhaal will be the main attraction of Stronger. So audiences can nearly bank on a strong lead performance. With the quality Gyllenhaal has in his locker, this movie will most likely be very decent indeed.

Stronger will be released September 22nd 2017.

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