Irish indie rock ensemble The Strypes have sailed from strength to strength since they stormed onto the scene from Cavan seven years ago. Kickstarting their career with a well-received performance on Ireland’s illustrious Late Late Toy Show in the winter of 2010, the proficient foursome proceeded to put out their inaugural EP in April of 2012 before following it up with two critically-acclaimed albums called Snapshot and Little Victories in 2013 and 2015, respectively. On top of all that, they’ve also had their praises sung by some of the industry’s most iconic artists, such as Noel Gallagher, Dave Grohl and Roger Daltrey.

Now, they’re getting ready to wow the world again with the release of their high-anticipated third record, Spitting Image, on June 16th. The intoxicating thirteen track compilation commences with the captivatingly quirky music and melody of “Behind Closed Doors”, which remains infectiously upbeat and boisterous as it bounces buoyantly towards the enticingly sobering instrumentation and singing showcased by “Consequence”.  “(I Need A Break From) Holidays” and “Grin and Bear It” maintain a mellow ambience moving forward from here, absorbing with their solemn yet spirited guitars and vocals ahead of the compellingly merry riffs and refrains that bring “Easy Riding” to life.

“Great Expectations” grips with its graceful acoustic instrumentation next, exuding oodles of energy and enthusiasm until “Garden of Eden” steps in to serve as an entrancingly atmospheric bridge to the brilliantly bracing “A Different Kind of Tension.” This is succeeded by a trio of enchantingly airy offerings entitled “Get Over It Quickly”, “Turn My Back” and “Blue Shades Over Red Eyes”, respectively. “Mama Give Me Order” arrests in their wake with its simple but stirring serenade, providing a compellingly poignant preface to the wonderfully warm “Oh Cruel World”, which goes on to guide the record to an alluringly light terminus.

The Strypes have spawned a plethora of pleasant yet passionate pop/rock pieces here that succeed in staying exceptionally affable and affecting as they unfold. The accessible style of each song combined with their altogether radio-friendly execution is sure to result in another unmitigated success for the adept Cavan quartet. Head on over to iTunes to pre-order a copy of Spitting Image for yourself now.

The Strypes: Spitting Image album review
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