Self-proclaimed “stomp alt-folk” act Suan hit the ground running earlier this year with the release of their dynamic debut EP in April. Since then, members Doireann Waters and Christian Cullen have been conquering the crowds all around Ireland, winning praise for their passionate performances at the likes of Kavanagh’s of Portlaoise, Tully’s of Carlow and Odessa of Dublin. The dexterous duo’s next stop will be Wicklow’s Knockanstockan Festival on July 22nd, but to tide fans over until then, they’ve just unleashed a live video for their song “Stand Me Up”.

The track itself explodes to life via a volley of vigorous vocals which immediately enthral atop blasts of bracing guitars and percussion. This is succeeded by a salvo of exhilarating instrumentation as the riffs run rousingly in the direction of a fantastically forceful refrain. A subtle bass line underscores the intoxicating serenade in the stanza, maintaining a riveting rhythm while vivacious drumming dances endearingly in the background.

It all eventually erupts into a quick and characterful chorus that captivates completely as it storms towards another incredibly powerful verse. An exhibition of soft yet sonorous singing steals the spotlight just past the two minute mark, relaxing across mellow music until the whole thing races off raucously again to deliver an extremely absorbing ending.

If you’re unfamiliar with Suan, then “Stand Me Up” serves as the perfect introduction to their work. Its magnificently mesmerising melodies merge with its irresistibly arresting instrumentation to forge a flawless fusion of folk, pop and rock that’s guaranteed to leave listeners enlivened. Be sure to scroll down to experience it for yourself now.


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