To the old souls and heavy listeners amongst us, there may not be anything particularly ground breaking as far Sub Motion’s brand of explosive Punk/Rock is concerned, but it’s rather good, and this is evident in their new single “Headlights”, released in July.

This is Sub Motion’s third release of material recorded at the start of 2017 with James Darkin (Will I Am, Sinead O’Connor, Fun Lovin Criminals) at the Helm, presumably at Herbert Place Studios where he’s in a new partnership with Marc Carolan of Muse fame.

Sub Motion’s brand of ballsy, female led, hard rock is vaguely reminiscent of 90’s bands such as Transvision Vamp or Elastica but only vaguely. This is authentic rebel rock. The latest tracks were recorded live, which in today’s world of desktop recording studios and guitar emulating software, is an act of rebellion in itself and harkens back to the likes of Joan Jett and The Runaways, or ACDC’s Style of in the pocket, say it straight up, Rock music.

Sub Motion are selling out shows at places such as Whelan’s in Dublin, and they’re getting airplay here, the UK and the US, having garnered rave reviews along the way. Well worth a listen if you love your music hard and authentic!

Sub Motion - "Headlights" (Single Review)