Before writing this piece I discovered that Sun Q were labelled as a ‘young garage rock band’, and I will be completely honest in saying I groaned my way towards the play button.

Being the Russian band’s debut single, ‘Flat’ caught my attention more than I had initially anticipated, surpassing my expectations of a noisy grunge-fest that would unsettle my recent cheesecake choices. Listeners are instead treated to a memorable intro that shoots up the Muse train at points, however it still holds a unique quality in raging guitar loops and drums that effectively build the track and keep you waiting for more.┬áIt then becomes clear that the track is fronted by female vocals, and you can’t help but to compare her style to that of The Cranberries Dolores O’ Riordan. It’s haunting, it’s quirky, and her voice works so well within the music mix.

Despite the impressive intro, the remaining of the track seems to remain at the same pace. There’s definitely snippets of great potential, but anything that increases in tempo proves to only be a temporary measure. I am a fan of their arrangement though, the angry guitars crashing with the drums is so effective and will no doubt aid their sound as they continue to grow.

As a debut single offering I commend their efforts with this track. For now, it’s one of those that I appreciate, but I wouldn’t be rushing to add to my music library. However, as they continue to nail down their sound who knows what little gems they could create. I wish them all the best.


Written by Nicole Leggett