Ok, so I owe a massive thank you to Alex Rose, the developer of this game. Thanks for the endless hours of frustration, headaches, sweaty palms and my new mastery of the humble controller.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is like paying good money to ram your head into a wall repeatedly, but in a beautiful way.

The game that is. In its own mind numbingly difficult way is beautiful. Mechanically and visually it just works. The levels are intuitive and offer the player countless options to take when traversing the 2D level.

bad bear game

Each death is earned -and felt deep in your soul- by the player’s lack of skill or a silly move. The special thing about this difficult 2D level platformer that sets it aside from others like Meat Boy is that each death helps you.

This might sound strange but the -several- hundred of bodies that pile up eventually blunt or block whatever it is that has made you cry with frustration for the past -several- hour.

But the game is oddly addicting, kind of like that gory scene in a movie that you want to look away from but can’t, you’re just drawn to it. In saying that, the game is suited to beginners as the corpse mechanism allows them to very slowly make their way through the levels.

And of course, like any good platformer, there are ‘shortcuts’ which aren’t actually shortcuts but another amazingly difficult level that offers another set of challenges to complete. These are scattered throughout the game and some are quite tricky to get to.

But a good player can clear all the corpses with the push of a button so the game behaves like a normal platformer. The pace of the game is up to you but quick reflexes are a necessity and you will learn to master half jumps as the game is super twitchy.

Yes, that means only partially pushing down ‘X’ and manipulating the joy stick so you don’t have to see another bear turned into soup.

There are also a few boss fights as the genre requires. They are quite fun and change up the challenge of trying to get through the level. They make you think and force you to figure out how to get past them.

bad bear

But like every game, this isn’t for everyone. I am still in receipt of counselling after only moving through the first four worlds. It is a tough game and for its price, you will certainly get a lot of hours out of the play through.

This isn’t a criticism however; the game is made very well and everything is polished. The mechanics work great and the levels and character look great. The sound track is pretty funky too but it will probably appear in the recurring nightmares this game can cause.