Inga Carlstrom and Leck Fischer are the Anglo-Swedish duo that make up Superhand.

Together they have created Superhand’s sound that lies somewhere between Black Sabbath and Massive Attack. They are currently in the hills of mid Wales, recording tracks for their forthcoming album American Teeth.

The new single is “Bass and Guns” and it certainly lives up to its name. The track is a mix of punk and rock with a touch of indie, with Inga adding her mega vocals onto the track, making it sound very similar to 90’s-queen Bjork. The song starts with an explosion of drums and an unexpected scream which sets the pace and vibe for the full track. It’s a heavy bass driven song that doesn’t let up ’til the end.  They’re also not afraid to experiment with crazy costumes and visuals which can both be seen in the video for the track.

Superhand may not be for everyone, but have definitely found their own unique style and sound which is greatly heard here.