SUPERHOT is a first person shooter with a fiendishly clever twist: time only moves when you move. So if you get shot at, the bullet only speeds towards you as you turn and run.

It has existed online in a free to play prototype form for the last three years, with the final version of the game being released on the 25th of February on Windows, Linux and OS X and an Xbox One version to follow in March.

While graphically SUPERHOT is has a very spare, basic look; all white backgrounds with red featureless adversaries, the game more than makes up for it with its satisfying, albeit occasionally frustrating gameplay.

The games innovative system of time delayed gunfights means players have to approach the levels in a more tactical way, similar to a strategy game.

While the prototype version was very simply presented, with the gunfights taking place in small rooms and hallways with guns the only option; the final version is presented in a more dynamic style, with destructible environments and melee weapons included.

SUPERHOT was first released online in 2013, where it was well received by the public. Due to fan support, the early version of the game was put through the Steam Greenlight process in a single weekend.

The team then launched a Kickstarter to fund a full version of the game which reached its target of $100,000 in less than twenty-four hours. They went on to make over $250,000

So if you’ve never heard of SUPERHOT before and want to try it out, or you want to sharpen your skills before the games release, play the prototype here

FYI, it can only be played on Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.