Derry based singer/songwriter Susan Donaghy has spent the last few years touring around the UK and Ireland, enthralling audiences on stage under the alias of Susie Blue. Having been introduced to the guitar by her father in infancy, she was certainly no stranger to making music when she released her debut EP in 2013. Since then, she’s teamed up with fellow musicians Caolan Moore, John Goodman and Mark Doherty to spawn an assortment of exciting indie rock anthems, the newest of which is named “People Like Us”.

It’s introduced by a penetrating electronic bass line before a bracing beat begins to build anticipation ahead of the placid but passionate serenade of the first verse. The instrumentation stays speedy and stirring underneath the haunting harmony until the whole thing explodes into a loud and enlivening chorus.

An equally absorbing second stanza follows from here, oozing energy and enthusiasm as a riveting refrain reverberates across a collection of mesmerising musical motifs. This is succeeded by a sequence of sobering singing and subtle drums, after which the riffs erupt rousingly again to set the scene for an incredibly effective finale.

The result is an irresistibly arresting pop/rock piece that packs an extremely powerful punch. Its proficient fusion of vibrant vocals and vigorous music will undoubtedly allure a large listenership. You can catch “People Like Us” live at Whelan’s on August 18th when the band descend upon the pub for their first ever headlining show in Dublin. All of the details are available on Facebook.

Susie Blue: People Like Us
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