April is a busy month in the Swimmers camp. The Dublin based pop/rock ensemble – made up of vocalist/guitarist Niall Jackson, drummer Steve McCann and bassist Barry MacNeill – are currently preparing for the release of the sequel to 2013’s Swimmers Year EP. Recorded with Justin Commins, the four track follow up was written and composed by the band’s frontman under the title This Burning Circle. While the compilation isn’t due to drop in its entirety until Friday April 24th, its lead single, “Lose Myself”, is currently streaming on Bandcamp.

It begins with a cool and stirring acoustic riff that quickly transitions into an electric version of itself as it teams up with a catchy drum beat. It’s at this point that an absorbing melody makes its presence felt through vibrant, resonating vocals which exhibit a wide range and a fair amount of passion and expression. Trotting forward at a quick pace, things remain consistently lively and energetic, yet also maintain a sense of reservation and aloofness.

This is a song that doesn’t need to get too wild and chaotic to convey the fun and vigour that are rampant within its execution. Its animated instrumentation keeps it compelling, while its harmony and tune really sell it as a piece to which you can indeed lose yourself. It all culminates in an enthralling guitar outro that serves as a characterful finish.

“Lose Yourself” acts as a nice tease for the band’s forthcoming EP, showcasing a spirited and enthusiastic sound that’s sure to find favour with a wide range of listeners. Following the release of This Burning Circus, Swimmers can be found officially launching their latest endeavour at Whelan’s in Dublin on Saturday April 25th. Check out the event page on Facebook for all of the details.

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