T.P.M – Eat that curry

Dundalk’s T.P.M have come at us with their new stylish hip-hop tune and I couldn’t be more delighted. Instead of going down the usual-trodden path laden with Inspirational sounding synths for 14-year-old girls in a dingy nightclub as is the case with usual “safe” Irish rap, these blaggards are kicking things off with a stylish musical nod to “A Tribe called quest” and are also taking the piss, how does one do those two things at the same time you ask? I haven’t asked them so I still don’t know, I’d say if you did ask them on their official facebook page they’d probably tell ya!

Dundalk is known for its spectacular poetry from the likes of Jinxy boy and M.C Ride but they don’t even come close to the absolute Kerouacian poetry in this absolute shiner of a tune. If I could fit six stars into my five stars out of five I would but its mathematically impossible.

Top tier boys.

Over and out of it…

T.P.M - Eat that curry