Table Scraps are a Birmingham-based duo made up of Scott Vincent Abbott of The Big Bang and Poppy Twist from Poppy & The Jezebels. They’ve been enjoying a lot of attention from Q Magazine, NME, and Clash Magazine as well as playing shows with Fat White Family and The Amazing Snakeheads. They also played a run of shows supporting King Tuff, The Garden and Kid Congo Powers in the U.S They recently premiered their latest single “Bad Feeling” on Stereogum.

The song opens with a warped sounding guitar riff, tinny sounding drums and distorted vocals. From the get-go, the band have lo-fi sound. The chorus comes crashing in with massive sounding guitars and crashing cymbals. It sounds like The White Stripes on a bad acid trip. It’s nasty and noisy in the best way possible. The lyrics are delightfully bluesy, with gems like “I got a crooked finger/And a twisted smile” delivered in such a spooky tone that you’d be inclined to believe it.

If you’re a fan of lo-fi noise rock, “Bad Feeling” is definitely a tune worth listening to. Table Scraps have followed in the footsteps of many rock duos before them, making up for their lack of members with pure energy. This release will be followed by their debut album, “More Time for Strangers” on June 5th. It’ll definitely be one to check out.

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