Dublin-based indie rock band TabloidTv are set to launch their new EP, entitled Mixed Messages, in The Grand Social on Thursday November 13th. The EP, recorded and mixed by Francessco Gatti, is an energetic mix of catchy riffs and clever lyrical ideas. Each song is cleverly crafted and deserves to be a hit.

The opening song, ‘First Winter’, is a strong opener. Introducing the song through an a cappella version of the chorus is an ingenious way to hook the listener, and when the bouncy rhythms come in, it’s sure to be one of your favourites. The song is also chock-full of melodic hooks, so it’ll be stuck in your head for days!

‘Always Hold On’ continues this upbeat sound, with a pleasant guitar riff as an intro. As before, the lyrics are clever and catchy, and the melody is singable and addictive. There is also a strong underlying rhythm, which moves the song along nicely and keeps it interesting.

‘Check’ is a funky Smiths-sounding track, with a great chorus built around an interesting chord progression. It’s slightly more edgy than the previous two songs, and has an awesome guitar solo to boot. This song changes the overall tone of the EP, and it’s definitely a good thing.

‘Let’s Dance’ would be a great song to dance to. It has a great forward-moving momentum that’s difficult not to move to. It’s a pleasant and inoffensive song, and really memorable. It also has clapping. Every lively song needs clapping.

‘Runaways’ is the only slow song on the EP, and it’s fantastic. The vocals make this track – they’re haunting and emotional, and suit the theme of the lyrics perfectly. The guitar has a gentle sound and doesn’t take away from the vocals, yet without it the song would undoubtedly be incomplete.

Mixed Messages is a terrific EP with great songs. The musicians are clearly talented, and they make for a really awesome listening experience.