Melodic post-hardcore is not everyone’s cup of tea. So acute is the specificity of its sound that even a regular fan of hardcore (post- or contemporary) might feel put off by the soft side of it. In this sense “Crossed Paths”, the newest single by French quintet Tahoe, can very well honour its name and serve as a gateway to the genre for listeners of a more orthodox inclination.

The song delivers a perfect blend between a gentle, almost courteous vocals and the raging set of screams so particular to the style. Singer Mickael Lopes, former Call in Kage, holds the double task quite well, and is assisted accordingly by Pierre Kerneis whenever the baterist is not too busy smashing his drum kit.

Part of an EP recently welcomed by the French alternative sceneĀ  “Wonders”, released in February last to general acclaim “Crossed Paths” was already a fans’ favourite prior to being selected as a working title for the band. It follows “Vectors” and “Memory Failure” and by the signs given by social media it could cement the group’s position within their genre but also bring Tahoe to a wider audience.

That is because its lyrics, although passages like “you’re the death and I’ll keep you alive” or “you are the cancer never healed” might suggest otherwise, are universally appealing inasmuch as they deal with relationships and break-ups. Plus the group made a bold decision to include a final section where the vocalist raps, in accordance to what is in vogue nowadays in pop/rock music.

Produced by Nicolas Delestrade, who is also responsible for recent hits for the likes of Betraying The Martyrs, Shoot The Girl First and Merge, “Crossed Paths” has potential to be the song that will consolidate Tahoe as the best new thing in melodic post-hardcore this year. So although tastes may vary greatly and may never share the same road at least those who enjoy a mix of screams and soft vocals are in for treat with this one.