Psychedelic rockers Tame Impala are putting out new material this month and they’ve shared a trailer for their upcoming album Currents.

Currents is the third LP from Australian group. Keyboardist Jay Watson revealed that the band’s new record will be “less rock and more electronic, groove based and club friendly”.

Tame Impala’s last album titled Lonerism, released in October 2012, went Gold in their home country and was named NME’s ‘Album of the Year.’

Lonerism was a big step for the Aussie lads, after failing to break North America and Britain with their excellent, yet largely ignored debut LP Innnerspeaker.

Speaking about the band’s new sound, singer Kevin Parker told The Guardian: “I was in LA a few years ago and for some reason we’d taken mushrooms, it must have been the end of our tour.

“I was coked up as well, and a friend was driving us around LA in this old sedan. He was playing the Bee Gees and it had the most profound emotional effect. I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it. I was listening to ‘Staying Alive’, a song I’ve heard all my life. At that moment it had this really emotive, melancholy feel to it. The beat felt overwhelmingly strong and, at that moment, it sounded pretty psychedelic. It moved me, and that’s what I always want out of psych music. I want it to transport me.”

Currents comes out on July 17th.

Check out the album trailer for Currents below.