With a terrible name and a few decent tunes, Team New Band formed in Brighton in 2013. A five-piece geek-rock group influenced by The Pixies, Ash, Bowling for Soup, and The Subways, they describe themselves as “If The Smashing Pumpkins and The Pixies had a baby with Weezer”.

Last year’s debut EP, Finally, was a collection of punky, high energy tunes. That raw, shouty sound has given way to a more polished, mainstream production for their latest single ‘Freaks’. The tempo is significantly slower and more radio-friendly, and Maddy Jones vocals are clearer and pushed to the fore at the expense of the instruments.

The song opens with a lead guitar line and beat similar to Canadian throwbacks Dilly Dally. The lyrics and lead melody are immediately appealing but the backing vocals need a lot of work. The harmonies on the pre-chorus and chorus sound like the Orange Organics.

The gang vocals of Finally sounded far superior and ‘Freaks’ sounds like a transitional record as Team New Band leave behind their impetuous youth and seek to discover a more mature sound. The end result is a generic sounding single that will struggle to stand out or stay in the memory.