In more Why? news, the trailer for Ted 2 has been online for a couple of days now and if you haven’t got to see it, here you go:

If you just watched it, I’m sorry. Look, I know some people will love this and that’s cool, but for me this is a Why? moment. This is another example of an unnecessary sequel, and after the tank that was A Million Ways to Die in the West it seems Macfarlane may be losing his touch.

This trailer has zero hint of the original, which was pretty funny and fresh. The story line seems weird and cheesey, the wedding, having to go to court, probably one of them falling for the lawyer and the acting is… eek. Wahlberg had an ease to his own brand of comedy in the first one or The Other Guys, it was his own version of comedy acting and it worked really well, but in this trailer he seems off. Like maybe he’s trying too hard to be funny or maybe it’s just that the lines aren’t hitting the right note, either way something is just wrong.

The few attempts at ‘big laugh’ moments were just overtly crude. Not clever, witty, side splitting, no, we saw sperm jokes, stereo typing of African Americans, picking on a blind guy… All just kind of cheap laughs. Note too that Mila Kunis is missing. It seems like she doesn’t feature at all, she doesn’t seem to feature on the IMDB page. Kunis is actually a really talented comedic actress and actress in general and it feels like just popping in a generic female character in the shape of Amanda Seyfried seems to undermine Kunis’ importance to the characters in the first film.

Oh and we get Liam Neeson in it, he was also in A Million Ways… and well, that was not good. And of course, Flash Gordon gets featured because why not milk that?

So, Ted 2 will be hitting screens in July of this year by the looks of things. Like most sequels today, I am sure that the name alone will drive sales on this and there are bound to be some laugh out loud moments but I just don’t expect it to capture the magic the original had.