Tell No Foxx are a three piece ensemble from County Wicklow in Ireland whose genre has been referred to as everything from alternative electric to gloom pop. Collaborating together since 2012, members Luke Lacey, Johnny Flood and Brian Sillery went through two years of composing and honing their talent in Luke’s very own homemade studio. Following the release of their self-titled inaugural EP in July of last year, the band are now back on the scene with new single “Dust”.

This latest offering introduces itself rather playfully, emitting an airy ambience via sporadic synth effects and ethereal keys. It takes its time settling in, gradually getting to grips with itself as it develops. Some slow but decisive percussion enters the fold just ahead of the minute mark, while the instrumentation takes a mellow and affecting turn. By the time resonant vocals set in and proceed to narrate the sombre lyrics through the verse, a serene and reflective atmosphere has been well established.

The piece grows in stature considerably for the chorus, during which a haunting harmony combines with chilling instrumental elements to radiate an otherworldly aura. There’s a great deal of depth and emotion surrounding the heavy content. A strong sense of torment and sorrow persists throughout, allowing for an incredibly contemplative and introspective vibe.

It really feels like Tell No Foxx have put their hearts and souls into the creation of this composition. It seems very carefully and thoughtfully constructed. There’s also a lot of self-assuredness about the execution. These guys appear to know exactly what kind of sound for which they are aiming and are extremely confident in carrying it out. You can sample “Dust” for yourself now on the band’s Soundcloud page.

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