2015 looks set to be a busy year for Irish rock ensemble The Bounty Hunters. Since making it to the final of the Hard Rock Rising competition two years ago, band members Niall Callan, Richie Moore and Shane Clarke have been working tirelessly to ready their debut album, Eat the Head, for release. With that time fast approaching, the Drogheda based trio have decided to whet appetites by first dropping a new EP entitled Aim for the Bushes.

Blasting off with “Staggered”, it wastes no time bursting into an infectious riff and fast paced percussion ahead of an absorbing melody and energetic chorus. After a brief interlude in the middle, it explodes back into forceful guitars before the vocals return to charge vigorously towards the finish line.

This is followed by the warm acoustic riff that begins “You Will Need Somebody” and leads it into passionate vocals. More musical elements manifest themselves during the moving verse, helping to add a great deal of emotion and feeling to the piece. Growing constantly as it develops, it makes a powerful impact through its heartfelt, poignant execution.

“Na Na Na Na Na” features another stirring acoustic introduction that prefaces an expressive and meaningful harmony. Speedy and lighthearted instrumentation builds into the chorus and proceeds to pound along purposefully. The playful guitars of “Shut Up and Kiss Me” sail out of its aftermath alongside a cheery melody. A steady drum beat soon joins in to bounce through the verse, before the vocals become more coarse and fiery during the chorus. Its simple and rousing delivery makes for an engaging listen.

“Otherside” takes off via an awesomely upbeat riff that bounds along behind a swift and engrossing melody. Building up a quick momentum and relentless rhythm, it exhibits bracing instrumentation and riveting guitar solos that carry a little bit of an exotic flair at times. It’s a colourful composition that serves a forceful finale.

The Bounty Hunters have assembled a nice collection of straightforward rock anthems that have a refreshingly uncompromising sound. With the first two tracks confirmed to feature on Eat the Head and the remaining three being just as compelling, Aim for the Bushes does a fine job of raising the hype for the band’s forthcoming album.

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