Finally! a new chemical brothers track and Michel Gondry video of you guessed it….” the stereotypically clad women from all the dance videos” But because it’s Michel Gondry its got added class. After the last chemical brothers amazing 2007 album, we were subject to ghosts-n-stuff by Deadmau5 which completely blew the scene open for the Americans to put their heinous stamp on everything by cheesy-fying stuff. (melodic vocals and choruses in the middle of techno tracks).

Then along came justice’s excellent “Do the Dance” in 2008, this had great real bass slapping and rubbery bass fit for a king. Fortunately, that scene has been and gone and left all its bad excrement in the current American EDM (pop music) scene.

Fast forward to 2015; The Chemical Brothers awake from their cryogenics sleep that they apparently went into after 2007 and decided it was time to follow their album up. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that all the music between 2007 and 2015 had already happened so they came up with this fresh idea. (at least they thought it was fresh because they slept through Get Lucky by Daft Punk)

I think their Idea was they were going to break into a museum and save a washed up rapper from obscurity and launch them into the future using their reputable name as the launch pad. Unfortunately, they were in the cryogenic cooler for too long and all the “bro’d up dudes that like Hardwell now” don’t know what a Chemical Brother is! “Is it one of those nostalgic green and red-hatted plumbers but with a twist?” asked Joshua as we interviewed him at the local gym, he was too busy tweeting and watching Vikings for inspiration on how to get his hair cut to answer any more questions though.

So, now that that’s out of the way. The new track is kicked off with a break-beat, which is typical of them and made me thankful because when you’ve gone a while, a little bit of your signature sound is a good starting point to remind you of why you like them in the first place.

Then in kicks a cheeky rubbery minimalist bass line, sweet I thought, this swings and creates a smashing groove. So far so good, then Q-Tip starts bopping in and we’re off. My hand is hovering over the envelope, stamps are ready, seal of approval is on the horizon. I’m excited as fuck! This tune is banging, good bass, lovely psychedelic effects thrown in.This is The Chemical Brothers at their best!

The chorus is like this: Imagine waking up from a good dream to find that you are pissing in the wardrobe because you sleep-walking, this is how I felt when this preposterous chorus came in. It had almost the same chords as “lets Dance”(Justice). But with a kitschy synth line that is more offensive than Michael Bolton opening a tool gig. I hope their new album isn’t as miserable as this.