If you want to soothe that Saturday afternoon hangover try this EP by The Clicks. They play a mix of Country and Folk with a strong melodic pop sensibility which reminds you of David Gray. Their songs are mellow, laid back, often melancholy, with a touch of bitter sweetness. The lyrics are sentimental and mostly about love but they do this without losing intelligence.

There is a quiet brilliance to this EP which makes it most alluring. It is hard to resist its melodic flair. The vocals are sweet and backed up by a laid back strum, sometimes accompanied with bass, drums, piano and strings but the acoustic guitar is at the musical heart of the songs. There are no frills to this record – it has a stripped down, organic feel which suits the songs perfectly.

The EP opens with a cover of Ryan Adams’ Sweet Carolina. One of the joys of music is being turned on to other artists and with this cover The Clicks did it for me. It’s a beautiful song but the fact that it doesn’t stand out from the other tracks says a lot about the strength of the original material. The eponymous track is a catchy bitter sweet song which will find a place in your head in no time. Both the lyrics and music recall early Dylan. This infectious, melodic quality continues with the other three tracks. Again, they are love songs but clear eyed, intelligent love songs.

Listening to the EP you get the feeling that these songs were made for live performance. They have a direct, stripped down approach which would suit the live environment. But their scintillating melodies should result in more than a few downloads.

The Clicks are Dubliners, Keith O’Brien and Shane Davis. Time Goes By is their debut release. This is surprising when you consider the band’s chemistry. They seemed to have found their sound very quickly.

Watch out for this duet as they promise to be an outstanding live act. In 2014 they played over 20 venues throughout the country. Hopefully 2015 will see the band touring again in support of a very fine EP. So, whether it is for the night before or the morning after, The Clicks are highly recommended.

Time Goes By is available for download now.