The Clockworks: Live Review at Canavan’s, Galway by Danielle Holian

Hailing from the West of Ireland in County Galway, the drum-driven sound and indie vocal band The Clockworks took to Canavan’s, Tuam, County Galway last Saturday night for Notion’s night of music and spoken word featuring Seamus Ruttledge, New Pope, and The Keggs.

Seamus Ruttledge, a local man from Tuam who pulls off poetic folk excellently, kicked off the night with his spoken word piece of ‘Time’ as he wanted the crowd to rave on. . . He mentioned some well-known local and national names like Padraig Stevens and Good Vibrations with music behind his chilling words.

New Pope had a lot to follow and live up from after Seamus. Their first song “All I Care About” did not seem so promising until they hit straight into their next tune. His timeless set was truly beautiful to witness. Their music is endearingly reflective perfectly balanced with simple, nostalgia and melodic moments in each song. Their folkiness left the room in silence after the last note was sung.

The Kegs, another local and upcoming band from the West of Ireland, charmed the crowd with their enthusiasm; they warmed the audience before the main band took the stage with three-quarters of the room took to the floor. They nearly stole the show as they rocked the upstairs of the pub with their amazing set.

The Clockworks entered and ended the night with a bang. They stole the entire show; each beat entered the crowd’s hearts like an earthquake. By this time, a decent crowd took to the floor and danced along to each track.

Their songs are relatable with a taste of 90s rock and indie feels to them. Each song on their set list had a street-level of class to it. The guitar sounds were witty and gritty, their lyrics are observational and the drumming was on point.

They are not here to mess around; they are a well put together band and play-on with their provoking themes throughout their songs. Each tune has relevance to today’s cultural issues and catchy hooks to draw the listener in more.

Watch out for these guys, they are really on to something. . .

The Clockworks are James McGregor Sean Connelly, and Damien Greaney, and Tom Freeman.