Thumb on the pulse…

The Clockworks are pissed off, really pissed off. In a world waist deep in social network fakery and political miscarriages, it is a quite the thing of the past to turn to a band who voices the frustrations of the masses. Most modern bands tend to shy away from such a commitment for fear of being isolated from the mainstream. The Clockworks on the other hand dive in head first with echoes of their influences lighting the way forward.

Remnants of The Strokes and The Libertines come to mind when dissecting this bands sound. Witty Guitar parts are complimentary to the invasive lyrics presented throughout this single.

The Clockworks have created a solid tune with thought provoking themes proving that the two can be combined with pleasing aesthetic results. I envision this single to be a crowd favorite due to the irresistibly catchy hooks and relevant cultural wordplay. My only wish was for the lead vocal to relish in its anger a little more.

The Galway based band have centered their sound with perhaps a little too much restraint. The nature of the writing present here spares little room for holding back, but instead demands full on abrasiveness. The writing is clever, maybe too much so, but there is a definite ability among The Clockworks.

The Clockworks illicit fond memories of blissful angst and attitude sorely missed in the industry today. They represent the very fabric of musical tenacity amid hordes of risk-less acts. It is for these reasons alone that i commend The Clockworks and their new single ‘The World Owes Me A Favour’ for reminding me of the roaring menace music can create.

The Clockworks - 'The World Owes Me a Favour' (Single Review)

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