Today was the first time I heard of The Dead Heavys, and it was an unforgettable experience. I’ve been listening to their brand new single, Liquidator. This song immediately drew all my attention to it and made me see the incredible ability this band has.

It kicks off with an extremely rhythmic acoustic guitar intro that builds and builds as more and more instruments join in. The drum provides the backbeat, as the electric guitar fills in with chords here and there. This song made me picture of a huge crowd just jumping up and down with excitement as the song starts to build. The whole song is so uplifting and light. The vocals, by both the male and female vocalist, are fantastic. Their melodies are so catchy, that you can’t help but sing them. The harmonies were also excellent, adding another level to the song to give it a nice finish. I really enjoyed the breakdowns that were in the song; they almost had a “Spanish” kind of feel to them. To me, that was a really nice element to the song, it gave it that something extra. Overall the song is excellently recorded and produced, it sounds very professional.

I would put this single in the genre of pop rock. I think it would appeal to any listener, you just can’t deny how catchy the song is. I’m going to give it four out of five stars, simply because I thought it was a great song. There’s no doubt in my mind, that after hearing this song just once, you’ll be left with it ringing in your ears, and the need to hear it again.