Irish alt-rock ensemble The Deans have already achieved plenty of which to be proud. The Galway based band – made up of guitarist/vocalist Gavin Dean, bassist Ronan Lally and drummer Gari Keon – managed to make their first great leap forward after their song “Lonely Like Me” was met with an enthusiastic reception.

The track went on to win the trio the Unsigned Only competition across the pond where it was scrutinised by a panel featuring industry legends Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Chrissie Hynde and Black Francis. It also succeeded in attracting the attention of some major media outlets, including the world renowned Rolling Stone Magazine.

With one EP under their belts, the band are currently doing their utmost to unleash their follow-up, Supply and Command, by launching a Fundit campaign to cover mixing and mastering costs. In a bid to entice the public to contribute, they have just released a new single plucked from the upcoming compilation called “Take It Easy”.

It begins with pressing but playful keys that are quickly joined by purposeful percussion. A restrained yet rousing riff soon swoops in alongside them before a bracing melody bursts out. The vocals manage to strike some high notes during the first verse, then speed up for the second. This results in a catchy tune that continues to absorb through the accomplished chorus.

The guitars explode vigorously around the minute and a half mark, taking on a delightfully heavy sound that thrills as it infiltrates the senses. Things remain arresting into an exhilarating exhibition of instrumentation ahead of a stirring salvo of distorted vocals. Building back up energetically, it all culminates in a final invigorating instrumental instalment that ends the proceedings with an epic edge.

“Take It Easy” and its accompanying music video are both very professionally put together pieces of work. This is one of the most adept and genuinely gripping rock anthems around at the moment. It bodes extremely well for the rest of Supply and Command and really sells the notion that The Deans are an act worth investing in. Check it out now on iTunes.

The Deans: Take It Easy single review
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