Irish alt-rock ensemble The Dijon Babes first arrived on the scene back in the summer of 2013. Made up of vocalist/guitarist Josh Stanley, drummer Deco Towey and bassist Cal Murphy, the band have remained consistently active on the Dublin live circuit since their formation.

They’ve also released a collection of compositions over the last couple of years, with plenty more planned to hit during the coming months. To that end, the trio have recently been hard at work at Darklands Audio Studio in The Chocolate Factory on their hometown’s King’s Inn Street. It was there, with the help of Daniel Doherty from pop/rock act Ghost Estates, that they put together their new single, “Baldy’s Bolero”.

This latest offering begins with an arresting riff that reverberates over an assemblage of sound bites before erupting energetically alongside some pounding percussion. It builds plenty of anticipation as it burns chaotically forward and slices through the senses carrying a great deal of weight, as well as a sense of importance and self-righteousness.

Breaking into an even louder and more vigorous salvo about a minute and a half in, the guitars continuously distort themselves, keeping things colourful and crazy. A plethora of quirky effects chime in and out as the piece progresses, helping to endow it with a quirky and playful personality. It adopts a short marching band-like beat as it enters its third minute, after which a brief breakdown causes momentary mayhem before it regains its riveting rhythm.

This is an enthralling instrumental alt-rock anthem, whose persistently active and animated execution keeps it fun and exciting throughout. So characterful is its style, you hardly even register the lack of lyrics. It seems to speak volumes without the need for actual words with which to express itself.

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