American metalheads Fozzy joined forces with Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth to thrill fans as their Cinderblock Tour took over Fibber Magee’s in Dublin on March 6th. Packing the venue to capacity, both bands certainly made sure that the audience got their money’s worth.

Marching out first, The Dirty Youth were led by vocalist Danni Monroe as she sported a pair of shades set ablaze by LED lights. This was the second time I’d seen the fivesome live and I can very much confirm that they still sound just as good on stage as they do on record. Charging straight into a flawlessly executed rendition of new single, “The One”, the energetic alt-rock anthem immediately had the crowd bouncing along enthusiastically.

It was followed by a forceful performance of “I’m Not Listening To You”, another offering from the soon to be released album, Gold Dust. In its wake, Danni’s declaration that Dublin is one of their favourite cities was met by avid cheers of approval ahead of Red Light Fix B-side belter, “Crying Out For You”.

Veering back to more recent material, the masses were incited to wave their hands back and forth in the air during the affective chorus of “Darkest Wedding”. Spirits remained high both on and off stage as the relentless rhythm of “Bury Me Next To Elvis” led into a trilogy of the troupe’s most definitive tracks.

Danni took a moment to ensure that all those present were versed in the words of essential sing-along anthem “Requiem of the Drunk”, before its explosive riffs blasted off. Anyone previously unfamiliar evidently caught on quick as the congregation erupted into a keen chant of “la la la la la la let’s get drunk” each time the chorus hit.

The awesomely furious instrumentation of “Fight” charged vigorously out of its aftermath, ensuring an electric atmosphere, while Danni’s ability to hold the final note of the word “control” never ceases to stun. It was a perfect preface to the infectious as ever, “Alive”, which raised energy levels to the extreme, serving as a powerful finale.

After expressing their gratitude to the crowd, The Dirty Youth departed to fervent applause, leaving behind an invigorated assembly for their successors to entertain. It wasn’t long before those gathered began to call out for Fozzy to appear, being spurred on as the room darkened and the music began to build again.

Frontman Chris Jericho lit the stage back up as he strode out next to his bandmates adorned in a jacket covered in coloured lights and burst into “Do You Wanna Start a War”. Screaming out “Hello Dublin”, the vocalist clearly relished the gathering’s wild reaction as he and his four fellow musicians delivered a lively opening salvo.

There was no denying that Jericho had the rock star persona down, pumping the crowd up by telling them how crazy they sounded before continuing to own the stage for “Tonight”. An impenetrable sea of enthusiasts threw their fists in the air, moshing and singing continuously as the show progressed.

The band ploughed through material from all across their discography, ranging from older hits such as “To Kill a Stranger” and “Enemy” to the more contemporary “Lights Go Out”. These were all interpersed with further cries of their name that at one point, in true Irish fashion, morphed into a keen refrain of “Olé olé olé”.

Jericho persisted to jump around like a mad man throughout, clapping his hands above his head and encouraging the crowd to do likewise. After proclaiming “Bad Tattoo” to be the finisher, the throng of fans were asked if they wanted more. Seeming more than happy to oblige their affirmative response, the ensemble barged into “Sandpaper”, then returned to their roots to cap things off with Krokus cover, “Eat the Rich”. Coming together at the front of the stage, the five members closed the curtain with a collective bow.

I think it’s fair to say that The Dirty Youth and Fozzy left their fans feeling more than satisfied with their performances during the Dublin date of their tour. The vocal and instrumental talent exhibited was amazing, while the showmanship on display succeeded in eliciting an ecstatic reception that made for a captivating show all round.

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