This song by The Rally Band is truly an instant country classic, song with an intense political undertone that you would only understand if you have read Orwell’s 1984

It starts with a triumphant “The Donegal Rally is here! the summer has come, its due once again.” What we see here is a form of subtle social engineering set in motion by the sultans of spin “The Rally Band”, not convinced? I’ll explain, The Rally Band have an agenda, they are trying to normalize The Donegal Rally through devious sinister mechanisms, you see the rally may not be for everyone. But country music is, these obscene devils are trying to fill your head with propaganda “its the week that we’ve all been waiting for” I CALL BULLSHIT!

I haven’t been waiting for it..have you? I guarantee you haven’t, that is until you hear the song for the first time you may be curious as to what you are waiting for and if you are waiting for it. Y’know?

They even got the grammar wrong, they said, “its the week that we’ve been all waiting for” tactless and poor, or shocking and conspiratorial?! You decide.

It’s a massive conspiracy, I tried to get an interview with writers John Dolan & Ryan Turner but they refused, they knew someone was onto them.

In the video, we see loads of people clapping like drones to the ticking clock of doom that is The Donegal Rally Song. Creative name? I think so, it is devious and designed to manipulate you into thinking The Donegal Rally deserves its own song. It is all in front of them and they don’t even realize it, they are being programmed to give a shit about The Donegal Rally right in front of their beautiful unwitting faces and they don’t even know it!

The catchy droning country bass line lulls you into a sense of being asleep, only you are awake! This is Huxley style conditioning at its most terrifying. “here’s to the teams and the service crews who travel from towns far and near”, know they are trying to make you feel bad for them so you will be on their side. This is akin to Israel giving out about Hamas bombing them all the while they have a massive automated shield protecting them from the bombs!

I know one thing about The Donegal Rally, I picked my uncles cat off the road like a pancake after some rally heads drove over it, so they could “clappa da handies for the brum brum”. .My uncles cat died for their stupid celebration of disgusting indulgence. I am not buying this social engineering and neither should you.

We would like to state that no animals were harmed in the making of this article - RIP Rob's uncle's cat.
We would like to state that no animals were harmed in the making of this article – RIP Rob’s uncle’s cat.

It says its profits are in aid of Temple Childrens hospital, where the hell is the compensation for my uncles cat? This music video is five minutes of hate and I am not buying it.

I might donate to the hospital just to be sure though, you never know what these country musicians are doing behind closed doors.This conspiracy song will not win me over.

Be safe people.

Over and out of it.

For those curious, check the video out, be careful though…it might eat your soul.