The Franklys are planning a big year. The all-girl, London-based band are bringing out their second EP ‘Bad News’ on April 27th and are preceding it with the release of the title track. If the 4-piece band’s new EP is brimming with as much intent as it’s single, it could be an exciting period for them.

While Rock ‘n’ Roll can easily be seen as heavily proportioned with male performers, The Franklys certainly do not seem to be inhibited by any type of perceived disadvantage. They have created a track that is as competent as it is attitude-filled.

One half of the band’s Swedish pair, Fanny Broberg, lays down a catchy riff and emits a pulsating over-driven sound that creates a well balanced-contrast to the vocals produced by the second half of the Swedish contingent, Jen Ahlkvist. The strength of the lead singer’s voice is just about substantial enough to carry such a heavy rock song without being overpowering, and introduces us to a gentler bridge later in the song that adds an impressive string to the track’s bow. Zoë Biggs’ bass reverberates to great effect throughout the song and Nicole Pinto’s drums adds an integral backbone to the song’s structure and the pace is kept up to maintain a nicely-weighted tempo.

The Franklys no doubt face different challenges than that of an all-male band in the music industry. Some people enjoy bands due to their alternative dynamics but it is impressive to see this group are not relying on any sort of novelty appeal. The band is a product of four like minded artists coming together to try and create something unique, and ‘Bad News’ is a very promising milestone.



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