Title: The Fugitive (1993)

Director: Andrew Davis

Stars: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Jeroen Krabbé & Julianne Moore


Dr. Richard Kimble (Ford) returns home from surgery one night to find his wife dying of a gunshot wound. He then tussles with the perpetrator, who notably only has one arm. Much of the evidence points towards Kimble and the less than in-depth analysis by the Chicago P.D. ensures that he is charged with his wife’s murder. During a bus ride to prison he manages to escape, after the other prisoners attack the officers in charge. He is then pursued tirelessly by the US Marshals, led by the no-nonsense, Samuel Gerard (Jones). After being cornered atop a huge dam, Kimble opts to somersault off of it rather than give himself in. Everyone thinks that he is now dead, but Gerard refuses to give up the search. After escaping the authorities and returning to Chicago, Kimble starts to look for the one-armed man and discovers that everything is tied into his work at the hospital. Meanwhile, Gerard remains very close behind.

Harrison Ford enters one of his best ever performances as the wrongfully accused surgeon. No one is better at playing the ‘everyman’ who is suddenly thrust out of their comfort zone. He starts the movie with a heavy beard, but later shaves it off in order to confuse the public and the police. This is the only film I can think of in which he sports a beard.

Tommy Lee Jones won a Best Supporting Oscar for his memorable turn as the straight-talking, sarcastic and very tenacious, Samuel Gerard. He was very good, but probably should have lost out to Ralph Fiennes’ awesome turn in Schindler’s List. The rest of the cast are very capable and they feature Jeroen Krabbé as Dr. Charles Nichols, Joe Pantoliano as ‘Cosmo’ and a young, pre-fame Julianne Moore as a doctor.

The Fugitive was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture, Cinematography and Original Score. Its only win came for Tommy Lee Jones’ aforementioned Best Supporting Actor statuette. The best thing about The Fugitive is that it is always moving forward and the next part of the story is always being set up. One of the best chase films of all time.



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