The Glass Children are comprised of London duo David Fairweather and Daniella Kleovoulou. Surprisingly, this duo were formed in August 2014 and are already releasing their debut single ‘Undone’. Evidently, this pair have a natural facility for generating mesmerising, melodic and harmonic synthesised music with chilling vocals.

‘Undone’ features a cleverly panned 80s inspired synth that creates a soothing and sultry feel as Kleovoulou’s vocals transport one to an ephemeral state of aural solitude. The steady secondary back beat helps to maintain rhythm and resonates with the listener.

The Glass Children are a pleasant listen, and depict an old 80s style with a modern twist. Whilst the vocals of ‘Undone’ notate timelessness and repetition it also engages the 80s style as a timeless medium for transporting musical technique.