Formed in 2012, The Goodnight is an American indie/alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The band comprises of Dan Murphy – vocals and guitar, Jud Benner – guitar and vocals, Tim Spier – drums, and Miles Franco – bass. They are currently not signed to any record label.

‘Back To Life’ is the debut single from the band’s first full album: Owlbum, which was released early last month. To fully appreciate this song, it is best to listen to it before watching the official music video, which I’ll explain in a moment. It is a feel good song that brings with it an energetic rhythm and strong vocals from Murphy and Benner – a song you can lazily jump around to at a gig. In fact, it seems to be keeping with the current trend of alternative rock bands, with its catchy lyrics and modest acoustics. Simple Plan comes to mind when I’m listening to this song.

The official music video for ‘Back To Life’ was filmed in twenty different locations, including Ireland, by the band themselves using GoPro cameras. You know yourself it isn’t easy to fit hours of footage into a three-minute video, and because of this, the song cannot keep up. We see the band engaging in moderate sports such as golf and table tennis, and then quickly shift back and forth to more extreme stuff like skiing, parasailing and water sliding – all to the rhythm of a song you could just perhaps jog to.

Having said that, kudos to the band for their efforts, they clearly had fun making this video. And rather than just combine a bunch of holiday clips together, they sing the song in almost every clip, which didn’t always look easy in certain situations. You get a sense of the video for ‘Move Along’ by the All American Rejects, with lead singer and guitarist Tyson Ritter singing through various background and wardrobe changes without moving. The Goodnight took this concept a step further; it is just unfortunate that it didn’t work for this particular song.

Owlbum is currently available for digital download on iTunes.