It can be a daunting experience reviewing a full album, think of how bad some can be and you have to listen to the full thing because you have to! Thankfully the good folk back at Pure M HQ spared me this fate with Selene.

Yes Selene is the new album from Norfolk band The Grazing Saints. The Norfolk band that can’t quite decide what sound they want, so decided to do it all. They describe their style as; Rock n roll, psych-Soul, fuzz-blues, doom-pop. The ten track album was recorded over a weekend in an old abandoned church out-building.

I’m not going to beat about the bush; it was a great album start to finish. Lived up to the numerous genres they experiment with. When I first stuck on the album, the song “Flatlands” comes out of the blocks and just exploded with this amazing guitar riff, a little Jimi Hendrix vibe but goes into a very relaxed funky rock and blues tune. The vocals reminded me of the lead singer from Irish band The Thrills for the first while. Music was pleasant, the bass is sick, lots going on production wise, a really sexy sound. Three songs in and the album just takes a whole new direction. Music matures, the vocals get way deeper.

“Bright Beacon” has a Jeff Buckley edge to it. The song is like a tribute to Dream Brother, but that’s a good thing. The album continues to captivate my attention right until the end. A good mix of upbeat folksy tunes nestled amongst some pretty chilled psychedelic sounds. When the album ended I was left waiting for more.

The lead singer has a voice reminiscent of lead singers from Band of Horses and Pixes. Deep, dark, hypnotic almost, very interesting stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Selene and considering the album was mostly recorded live, it makes it all the more charming.

I could listen to this album all day. Selene just keeps evolving throughout, I would love to catch these guys live. I really have no faults with this.

Find the album and cherish it on Bandcamp.

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