Having first formed in 2013, Dublin based pop/rock ensemble The Ground Will Shake really started turning heads after the release of their debut single, “Miss Serene”, the following year. Since then, members Paul O’Connor, Gavin Healy, Joe Rodgers and Adam Smith have had their material showcased by a number of national stations, including RTE Radio One. They’ve also taken to the stage at well renowned events such as Electric Picnic, where they can be found again later this summer.

The foursome began to put together their inaugural album in November of 2014. Due to drop in August, the eponymous effort was completed under the supervision of producers Pete Holidai and Gavin Glass. To offer a taste of what’s to come, the band recently premiered their brand new double A-Side single, “Reno/Rolling Sixteen”.

The former undertaking bursts into a bright and sunny riff that uplifts ahead of a quick and cheerful melody. Skipping enthusiastically through its opening verse, it soon arrives at a catchy chorus. Things stay sanguine afterwards, while the pace remains purposeful. It eventually reaches a fantastically fervent finish that should leave listeners feeling happy and hopeful.

The latter piece charges into a more serious but no less rousing riff as the percussion pounds in the background. Vibrant vocals unfold with feeling and a sense of fun while the whole thing bounces briskly forward. The execution is fast and forceful, yet at the same time pleasant and easy on the ears. It’s a lot more characterful and quirky than its predecessor, opting for a less straightforward style that works well.

The relentlessly riveting rhythm of both tracks ensures that they’re consistently captivating. Their placid pop/rock attitude and innocuous sound are all but guaranteed to keep The Ground Will Shake alive on the airwaves for some time to come. Be sure to check the rest of the record out when it hits and keep your eyes peeled for the band on the road in the weeks that follow.

The Ground Will Shake: Reno/Rolling Sixteen review

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