South London based indie rock act The Half Light have had a busy few years since forming in the summer of 2011. On top of playing live shows at a number of renowned venues around their nation’s capital, they’ve also had their music featured by the BBC and Amazing Radio. Following the success of their Friday Night and Clapham EPs, band members James Rogers, Guy Chapman, Lee Moore and Matt Peel spent the former half of 2014 working on their latest release, Moscow.

Recorded at Miloco Studios with producer Darren Lawson, the two track undertaking originally dropped in February. Right now though, the foursome are preparing to launch its second song, “1×1”. Charging straight into a fast and forceful electric riff, the new single immediately exudes character and vigour. A piercing bass line acts as a bridge from here into a rousing harmony.

The opening guitar salvo rears its head again between verses to ensure that things remain consistently energetic and absorbing. The distorted nature of the fervent vocals means they almost merge with the instrumentation, forging an enthusiastic mesh of music and melodies that’s extremely infectious. The whole thing races towards the end with a relentless rhythm that never takes a break.

“1×1” video is due to be unleashed on May 11th, but the band have been gracious enough to allow us to exclusively premiere the music video here on Pure M. The song is also available for download on iTunes, along with its companion piece, “Moscow”. This starts off with a riff that’s more laid back but no less spirited. A rich, resonant harmony grabs the spotlight during the upbeat verse, persisting into the lively chorus. There’s a very relaxing and cheerful vibe to the piece that affords it a wonderfully welcoming and cordial sound.

The Half Light have crafted an innocuous and accessible brand of radio friendly rock that stands as a real credit to them. Both of the above tracks are full of charm and charisma, brought to life via a passionate execution that definitely makes them worth the listen.



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