The Half Light are a four piece unsigned Indie band hailing from South London.  They have been playing together since the summer of 2011 and have since then released two records. One of which was the Friday Night EP and more recently the Clapham EP in 2012. The Half Light are following up these two EP’s with their latest record entitled Moscow and the main track from this record also entitled Moscow will be available for pre-order on iTunes from the 19th January while it is launched  on the 16th of February later this year. ‘Moscow’ has been produced by Darren Lawson who has previously worked with bands such as My Bloody Valentine and promises to be one of the more up and coming EP’s of this year.

The group have played at well known venues around London as well as recently playing in Dublin Castle. Their music has been featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC London. They were introduced by Tom Robinson with a glowing recommendation by stating that they are a ‘band I adored within 10 seconds of hitting play’. While this group are relatively unknown it seems that with their productivity and own desire to push themselves forward and play as often as possible that they will very soon be thrust into the limelight.

Their track ‘Moscow’ opens up with the familiar vibes of bands such as The Smiths with a rather light hearted Brit Indie vibe which progresses into lead vocalist James Rogers emulating an odd hybrid between The Wombats and The Hoosiers which ultimately leads to a rather relaxed tone that suits the melodies behind it. The melody itself, while at times can feel rather monotonous due to its lack of progression, lends itself heavily to an easy listening mood while lounging around the house rather than sure fire Indie anthem. Overall, the track itself is well produced and finishes strongly.  The sound is not in itself unique but rises above the generic Indie tracks that are permeating the airwaves these days and has genuine quality attached to it.

The Half Light are a very tight knit unit who have produced some very strong tracks. Moscow is another of these and they will be ones to keep an eye on in the future. They draw parallels with The Smiths, The Cure and The Strokes. They are one of the more promising Indie bands to emerge from the United Kingdom and I, personally, will be keeping a very close eye on their progress and will undoubtedly be purchasing their new EP, Moscow, once it is available.