The Indos are a 5 piece indie rock outfit from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band is made up of Michael Knowles, Jamie Gilchrist and Dando Myrillas on guitar, with Knowles and Gilchrist taking lead and backing vocals respectively, Treadfast Johnson on bass and Greg Atkinson on the drums. They recently released a single, “Sitting in Silence” from their new EP “Fifty Shades of Blue” which was released on April 20th. They describe themselves as an alternative rock band taking influence from the mod, pop and heavier rock scene that emerged in Britain in the 1960’s.

The song opens with a melodic guitar solo backed up with a hypnotic bass line that’s complimented by the drums. The verses are covered in lead guitar licks that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Arctic Monkeys track. The reverb-drenched rhythm guitars really lend themselves to the overall vibe of the song. There are few times where all three guitars can be heard, raising the question of whether or not having three guitar players are really necessary. Another thing the track lacks is a bit of flair in the vocals. For the most part, Knowles’ delivery feels a bit monotone though this is definitely something that can be improved on as the group gain more experience.

Overall, The Indos have created a bouncy tune with heartfelt lyrics that will definitely appeal to fans of indie music. Though the track may lack in certain areas, the group definitely have the potential to succeed if they continue in the direction they are headed.

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