Irish indie act The Klares originally arose in 2012 when childhood friends Andy Burke, Jordan Lawless, Eoin O’Shea and Cormac Sheridan decided to delve into the world of rock together. Since then, the Dublin based band have managed to amass a rather impressive résumé, having churned out several critically acclaimed records on top of taking home the Hot Press Big Break schools award and winning radio play on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now they’re back with a brand new track entitled “Black Huarache”, which made its debut on Dublin’s Today FM last week. It begins by bursting into a barrage of boisterous riffs that dart deliriously in the direction of a fast and forceful refrain. The guitars remain riveting while the vocals reverberate vigorously across the air, exciting with their intensity until things take a tranquil turn at the end of the opening minute.

A salvo of soothing singing ensues before the music accelerates again for an exhilarating second stanza. This paves the way to a raucous breakdown during which a maniacal melody mesmerises amid an exhibition of energetic instrumentation. It all eventually evolves into a quick and clamorous climactic chorus that serves as an appropriately passionate stopping point.

The Klares have crafted a superbly spirited alt-rock anthem, the delivery of which is remarkably melodic, despite its demented demeanour. Its effective fusion of wild riffs, deranged drumming and characterful crooning ensures that there’s not a dull moment to be found throughout its thrilling three minute run-time. Be sure to check “Black Huarache” out for yourself when it drops for download at the start of September.

The Klares: Black Huarache
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